What exactly is an Escort Service?

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What exactly is an escort service? This is quite a frequently asked question by new clients who are interested in hiring the services of an escort. Typically, it is first-time clients who are eager to learn how the escort industry works to serve its customers. Simply put, an escort service is a business person or entity that offers you escorts for either incall or outcall services as the need maybe. Escort services are actually social companionship service providers in which you can hire the company of a female escort to engage in an intimate social exchange for your leisure time. An escort service provides you with a hotline to female companionship without the handles of the traditional dating scene. You are totally in control of what lady and what place and social activities you want to partake and your chosen escort will just follow suit. She is there to serve you whilst you compensate her for the time she spends with you.

Independent escorts

Independent escortsIf you choose to go for independent escorts, you must appreciate that the overall business organization of an independent escort is like a sole entrepreneur and not quite as smooth as a full-blown escort agency. Thus, going for an independent escort entails a lot of research before you can find a match for your needs. Moreover, you have an overhead of work to do with regards to the expertise, professionalism and legitimacy of the escort you hire. Therefore, you will have to spend a significant amount of time browsing and analyzing classified ads on escort directories and looking into reviews as well as Escort Blacklist entries on the internet. After going through this process, you still need to do some due diligence on what services the independent escort offers to ensure you get a package that translates to good value for your money. Hiring an independent escort online and waiting for her to come over to your hotel room or residence that exactly is as “what you see online” comes with a huge investment of time and research. Unmistakably, there is the risk on your sexual health since there is no middle-ground to ascertain what the independent escort has on offer. However, independent escorts at Independent Desires are relatively cost-effective in comparison to escort agencies.


Escort agencies

Escort agenciesescort agencies are licensed companies that offer outcall entertainment and companionship services. They have a customer service and a pool of escort ladies for hire. The model of escort agencies in the escort industry is far superior to independent escorts since they have the means to vet the escort ladies working with them and ascertain of their sexual health as well as discretion to uphold customer privacy. If you are looking forward to enjoying an intimate companionship riddled with intelligent conversations and top-end emotional bonding, then your chances of having your desire come to reality is guaranteed by simply hiring the services of a reputable escort agency.

With an escort agency, you have a wide variety of quality escorts who are not only eager to serve you, but quite experienced in their line of work. There is no second-guessing about quality whatsoever. Moreover, you do not have to spend a lot of time browsing escort directories to find an escort. Finding and booking a quality escort is a simple as a phone call or the click of a button.

Bottom line

Without prior experience with escort services, the process of finding an escort can be intimidating and frustrating. This is even truer, especially if you are not aware of the difference between escort agencies and independent escorts. They absolutely different and operate in dissimilar ways. Once you are armed with the knowledge of how these two distinct escort services work then you can begin your search for an escort service provider that suits your menu of desires.


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