Those people are out there

Sometimes we don’t have the best luck with others just because we haven’t found the folks we won’t need luck with at all. 😉 The more interesting a person is, usually the more trouble they have finding someone else who’s equally interesting in a compatible way. As Theodore Geisel put it, relationships are about “falling in mutual weirdness and calling it love.”

Those people are out there — you just may not have met them yet. Do what you love, and you will, because you’ll naturally attract people with similar passions. That’s when the odds start to shift in both your and their favor, and you end up sharing flirting “war stories” that start with “Oh, gods, let me tell you about…” and end with both of you laughing about how absurd life and being a human being can get, all in the name of attracting love.

Average is easy and common. The people you see dating all the time may not be average themselves, but they may be settling for average relationships to avoid being alone. We tend to see a couple and assume they are happy, and couples often broadcast that vibe in public, but life is always more complex, y’know?

Don’t sweat being single. Better to not be in a relationship than in a bad one! Make sure you have a good relationship with *yourself,* and you set the stage for connecting with another emotionally healthy person who happens to think you’re as cool as you find her.

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