The best in town

Only with a VIP London escorts you will feel what real closeness is. You can discover why our models are VIPs from the moment you see them until the moment they leave – there is always something new to discover about them, there is always something new they can teach you. It would be like a cat and mouse game, but you won’t be able to figure out what your real role is.

You may believe that you are the cat chasing its prey. From the moment you make the call until the moment you meet her, you have all the time necessary to plan all your moves. For a little insight, you prey can be met anywhere you wish – whether a fancy restaurant or a VIP room at the club; it can be met anyhow you want – dressed like the most successful businesswoman or like the naughtiest librarian ever. But from the moment you see her, you will notice that nothing is as certain as it seemed.

While a flower bouquet will be a nice touch, you can ensnare our VIP London escort with a small gift, such as her favorite perfume or a small jewelry. You will see that they will later show their appreciation, giving back tenfold than what they received. While outside, you can try them with any conversation topic you wish, and you can hope that they will collapse under your knowledge – our models are trained in the art of conversation at private schools, so they can approach any subject you might be interested. At the end of the evening, when night comes, you will notice how the roles have changed – you are the little mouse and our models are the pussy-cats.

Waiting to devour you, they will be playful, teasing you in all the way possible – massages, dancing, erotic soaping, everything you wish and even more. All the fantasies in the world can become a reality if you meet our VIP London escort. As things get hotter and our pussy-cat gets wetter, the roles will change again. You will be the one chasing her tail, and she will be the one trying – or almost trying – to resist you. This will be the memory of your lifetime, when you hunted a beautiful being and it became your most treasured prize.

Classy ladies in the society also, our models must be treated accordingly, with respect and care. Don’t force yourself onto them, and they will fall in your arms until the night comes. Be respectful and don’t talk about them after the meeting is over, because that’s not how a gentleman behaves. We like discretion just as much as you like it. You will see that nothing will transpire from us and, the next time you will visit our models, they will be even more grateful than before, for not telling. Who knows what other enticing game our VIP London escort will prepare for you next time you see her?

One thing is sure: you will know that. But in order to have the chance of a second date, you have to give us a call and arrange for the first one. Just tell us what model you like the best and we will take care of the rest. When the time comes, you will not be disappointed and, by the time you will make your next appointment, even more pleasure will await you.

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