Ten Crazy Things that You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do in Vegas

Who does not want to visit Vegas? Well, everyone does. Whether it is affordable or not is a different story for which we also have a solution. But why does everyone want to visit Vegas? What does Vegas offer that is simply irresistible? The answers of these questions lie in Las Vegas. But we have made sure to arrange a virtual trip for you right here, right now! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a short adventure trip to Las Vegas. Let’s have a look at 10 truly crazy things that you did not know you could do in Las Vegas. Here we go…

10:  Walk on Gold

A combination of having fun while being and feeling royal is something everyone desires. Everyone desires but only Las Vegas offers. Imagine living in gold. For real. Walking on it. You’ve guessed it right. You could tour a goldmine in Vegas. Just an hour’s drive away from the main city of Las Vegas, is situated a goldmine. We have seen them in movies but this one is going to be for real. This is a place where several movies, television shows, music videos, and photo shoots have been filmed, especially because of the beautiful vintage cars, cabins, and classic gas stations that are situated around the mine. Take pictures, have fun, and who knows you might get to take a picture with your favorite star. Alas, your dreams come true!

9. Visit the Atomic Testing Museum

Whether we are interested in science and physics or not, the topic of nuclear weapons always excites us. The Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas is a testament of the history of nuclear testing. An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, the museum features more than 11000 pieces of history. Learn how the bomb was developed, tested underground, tested in the atmosphere, how it is monitored, and a lot more. What is fun without a little learning?046

8. Hangout at a Topless Pool

Just the way you would like it at your personal pool, it is now up to you whether you wear tops in the pool or not; no matter if you’re a guy or a girl. Isn’t this exciting? Well, of course it does come at a price. Lucky, if you’re a girl, you get to get in cheap, but a guy might have to pay something between $20 and $50 to get in. But with the great scenery, sun, drinks, swimming, fun, and Vegas packages from Phoenix, this experience is totally affordable and worth the money you spend in Las Vegas.

7. Eat Dinner while You Hang

If you’re in Vegas and not visiting Sky Las Vegas, you’re missing on some awesome experience. Sky Las Vegas offers a unique experience, in which you and your mates at dinner will be strapped to a seat and hooked up to a crane more than 150 feet above the ground. Don’t worry about the food, for professional chefs are there to worry about it. At $289 per person, get ready for a royal treatment, where you will be picked up from and dropped back at your doorstep. This is the dinner you’re not going to forget for as long as you live. Get ready for this most memorable experience.

6. Go on a Country Road-trip

Las Vegas despite giving you a very urban feel, also offers you a country experience. Get out in your car and into the mountains to experience wild horses and donkeys around you. This is something that comes at a very cheap price. Live among some American history, and you won’t be able to stop thinking about cowboys and all the other cool stuff.

5. Rock the Crazy Clubs

Food, drinks, music, dance, eye-candy: all at one place. There is a variety of night-clubs in Vegas and it wouldn’t be wrong if these are what bring Vegas to life at night. Vegas deals from any US city includes a number of clubs that you should visit during your stay at Las Vegas. Now, get drunk and get ready to rock the dance-floor and rock your body to the beats of Las Vegas.

4. Gamble…gamble… gamble?

Vegas and gambling go hand in hand. This is something you knew, right?  But what you probably didn’t know is that if you’re ready to gamble $300,000 in cash, you’re also in for royal treatment. Save money on your trip, and get in more money to gamble and earn red-carpet treatment. This would include limo service and meals, access to exclusive gaming parlors and salons, and complimentary exclusive rooms. It’s time to spend some time in casinos and see that easy money flowing in and sometimes out too. And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, eh?

3. See the Creative Side of Las Vegas

Las Vegas might be popular for its clubs and casinos but art is always a sign of civilization. The Arts District in Las Vegas is a neighborhood filled with art stores, galleries, and bars. Take some time away from all the party and get some time of peace and appreciation. Ride around the area to spot some eye-catching graffiti on the walls. So let your innovative self run wild into the exciting streets of Las Vegas.

2. Have Fun at the Stratosphere

LAS VEGAS, US - OCTOBER 11: Las Vegas Strip at sunset on October 11, 2011 in Las Vegas, US. 19 of the 25 largest hotels in the world are on the Strip


This could easily be one of the craziest activities at Las Vegas. If you really have the guts to have some daring fun, this one is for you. The Stratosphere itself elevates around thousand feet above the ground, and once you reach the top, you find these absolutely thrilling rides. These rides have passes which cost different amounts of money, however, with Vegas packages from Phoenix, you will find the trip reasonable and value-for-money. And if you’re actually willing to have some crazy fun, don’t miss out on these rides. Some rides that are known for their craziness include Insanity, Big Shot, Sky Jump, and XScream. Are you in for these? We bet you are.

1. Swim with Sharks

This one is for you if you are a SCUBA certified swimmer. Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay’s aquarium, Shark Reef allows SCUBA certified swimmers to get in tanks and swim with real sharks. This is one of the few places on Earth that offer such a unique experience. Well, no need to sweat if you aren’t a SCUBA certified swimmer; you can always swim with dolphins and feel like a professional SCUBA divers even when you are not one! Several resorts in town let you swim with dolphins.

All of it seems exciting, don’t you think? Even if you had not planned for a trip to the magical city of Las Vegas, you must be tempted to do so. Of course when you decide for a trip to Las Vegas, you already know that you have actually planned for the most awesome trip of your life. The Sin City or Las Vegas as we know it gives you the ultimate experience that you will never forget. But for many of the people, Las Vegas is a new city for which they have planned to visit for the first time in their lives. Though it has a lot of attractions to it that you have already seen through different advertisements and heard from various people but still there are things that you are not clear about. The tips and suggestions that we have given to you are something that will make you r stay in Las Vegas the most pleasurable one. You really have nothing to worry about when you have placed your trust in us. Our aim is just to give you the best that you can get. So forget all your worries and give a break to yourself. Pack your bags for the journey to the most amazing city of this world. Unleash yourself for the sexiest encounter you have ever had with life. And as you know it, like we mentioned before… what happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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